What is another word for cure?

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Cure, a word widely used in the medical field, means to alleviate or heal a disease or illness. However, there are various synonyms for the word "cure" that can help express a more specific meaning. One of the synonyms is remedy, which means a substance or treatment used to cure a disease or illness. Another synonym is heal which means to restore health and wellness to one's body. Treat and relieve are also synonyms for cure and suggest a means of improving a condition without necessarily fully eliminating it. Finally, solving and fixing, while not traditionally associated with medical matters, can be used to describe the resolution of a problem or issue that was causing an ailment.

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    There are many natural cures that can help to alleviate various symptoms or conditions. Some of these remedies have been around throughout history while others are more recent, but they all have some common ground in that they are all based on the principle that the body can heal itself if given the right support. Here are some common natural cures for various conditions:

    1. Herbal remedies are a popular type of natural cure. Many people turn to herbal remedies because they work fast and are relatively painless.

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