What is another word for canvas?

Pronunciation: [kˈanvəs] (IPA)

The word canvas is a versatile term that can be used to describe various materials for painting, printing, or even boat sails. However, there are several synonyms for the word canvas that people can use to add some variety to their writing. Some alternatives include fabric, cloth, textile, muslin, sailcloth, and even duck. Although these words may differ slightly in their connotations or specific uses, they all share the same basic meaning of a sturdy and often woven material that can be used for creating art, fashion, or functional goods. By using these synonyms, writers can add some color and texture to their descriptions and avoid repetition.

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Usage examples for Canvas

The great canvas had taken fire in several places.
"Leo the Circus Boy"
Ralph Bonehill
Just ask me, now, what's the kind of question you 'd put; for, to tell truth, I 'm not over bright or clever,-the best of me is when I've a canvas before me.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
But it seems odd that the ordinary folding canvas boat has not been pressed into this service.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

Famous quotes with Canvas

  • A revised schedule is to business what a new season is to an athlete or a new canvas to an artist.
    Norman Ralph Augustine
  • The important thing is to remember what most impressed you and to put it on canvas as fast as possible.
    Pierre Bonnard
  • Fantasy is the only canvas large enough for me to paint on.
    Terry Brooks
  • When I work alone, it can be like dabbling with a canvas. Maybe you paint over bits, and it starts to form its own life and lead you off in a direction. It becomes an intuitive, subconscious process.
    Lindsey Buckingham
  • I get to experiment with a lot of looks with my character so that's really fun for me. It's like getting to paint a new canvas everyday.
    Sophia Bush

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