What is another word for oeuvre?

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The word "oeuvre" refers to the entire body of work of an artist, writer or composer. It is a French term that has become a popular term amongst literary circles. Synonyms to the word "oeuvre" include "opus", "work", "effort", "creation" and "output". The term "opus" is used to describe the most significant work of an artist or composer, while "work" is used for the general body of work. "Effort" suggests the amount of work and dedication that was required to produce the body of work. Similarly, "creation" emphasizes the act of creating something. Finally, "output" is a term that suggests measurement and quantity of work produced.

Usage examples for Oeuvre

Bach composed them when he was in the full vigour of his powers, and they may be considered his chef d'oeuvre in this form.
"Johann Sebastian Bach"
Johann Nikolaus Forkel and Charles Sanford Terry
Une oeuvre ne vieillit qu'en proportion de son antimysticisme.
"Christian Mysticism"
William Ralph Inge
As in the case of Guynemer, when she mounted her aerial steed in pursuit of big cash donations to her oeuvre, all lesser lights abandoned hopes for theirs.
"Home Fires in France"
Dorothy Canfield

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