What is another word for production?

Pronunciation: [pɹədˈʌkʃən] (IPA)

There are various synonyms for the word "production" that are commonly used in different contexts. Firstly, the term "manufacturing" refers to the process of creating goods or products through industrial or mechanical means. Secondly, "fabrication" suggests the construction of something from a raw material or component parts. Thirdly, "output" denotes the amount or quantity of goods or services produced within a given time frame. Fourthly, "generation" implies the creation or production of energy or power. Lastly, "creation" can be used to refer to the imaginative or artistic production of something, such as a work of art or literature.

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Antonyms for the word "production" refer to actions or processes that involve reducing, constraining, or eliminating output. Some examples of antonyms for the word "production" include cessation, decline, contraction, reduction, and curtailment. These words denote processes that restrict, limit, or decrease the amount or quality of output. In contrast to the productive processes, the antonyms suggest a decrease in the efficiency or productivity of an activity. For instance, a decline in sales, a reduction in manufacturing capacity, or an economic contraction may decrease production levels. All in all, the antonyms for the word "production" refer to actions and processes that oppose and constrain the efforts to create or generate value.

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Usage examples for Production

This remarkable production, called the "Girdle-Duellists," is the masterpiece of the Swedish artist Molin, and is undoubtedly the finest piece of sculpture to be seen in the country.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
Short rules for production in 10 hours based on 20 per cent.
"Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery"
Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd.
We give below production table for 54-in.
"Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery"
Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd.

Famous quotes with Production

  • Poetry is the work of poets, not of peoples or communities; artistic creation can never be anything but the production of an individual mind.
    Lascelles Abercrombie
  • All the technology of our production was still pre-War. They were sort of '38, '39 and the War had been stable and so we were infinitely behind whatever had been going on in the United States for instance.
    Gianni Agnelli
  • And the buying of new machinery meant not only the possibility of production, but even the new technology, 'cos as I mentioned before, we were back of seven, eight years.
    Gianni Agnelli
  • The chips are in production, the machines aren't. So we've got a little bit of work left to do.
    J Allard
  • The production team's first meeting took place at my house. I had ideas and a color scheme in mind, how I wanted the movie to look, because that has to be a real collaboration.
    Debbie Allen

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