What is another word for padre?

Pronunciation: [pˈɑːdɹe͡ɪ] (IPA)

Padre is a term typically used to refer to a father in Spanish, but there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably with this word. One such synonym is "papá," which is commonly used for addressing or referring to a father in informal settings. Another synonym is "paternal," which is an adjective that denotes something related to or emanating from a father. The word "progenitor" is another term for a father that is often used in a more formal or academic context, while "daddy" is an affectionate or endearing synonym that is usually reserved for young children. Other synonyms for padre include "father," "dad," "pater," "sire," and "old man.".

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Padre is a Spanish word that generally means father. In order to explore antonyms for the word, we need to consider different contexts in which padre might be used. For example, padre could refer to a religious figure, or it could simply mean someone's biological father. Antonyms for padre in the context of a religious figure might include "layman," "non-clergy," or "non-priest." Antonyms for padre in the context of someone's biological father, on the other hand, might include "mother," "stepfather," or "adoptive father." Each of these antonyms for padre suggests a different relationship or status, indicating the multifaceted meanings of this word.

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Usage examples for Padre

"padre," said Verena, "is she old or young?"
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade
Of course you don't, padre.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade
And then padre will have to talk to her.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade

Famous quotes with Padre

  • La mayoría de las mujeres obtienen sus hermosas miradas de la mamá, a menos que el padre pasa a ser un cirujano plástico.
    Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate

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