What is another word for predecessor?

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Predecessor is a word that refers to something that came before something else. There are several synonyms for predecessor, including ancestor, antecedent, forerunner, precursor, prototype, and former. Ancestor is used to refer to a person or thing that came before and is related by blood or lineage. Antecedent refers to a thing that precedes another in time, order, or causality. Forerunner is used to describe something that comes before and often indicates the coming of something else. Precursor refers to a thing that precedes and serves as a sign or indication of the coming of something else. Prototype refers to an early version of something from which later versions are developed. Finally, former refers to something that was in a position or existed previously.

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How to use "Predecessor" in context?

Predecessor refers to somebody or something who came before or who influenced the origin or development of another person, thing or event. In grammar, a predecessor is a word used to describe someone or something that comes before or goes along with something else in time. For example, the predecessor of a book is the paper it was written on.

Predecessor can also be used as a noun to describe someone or something that comes before in a particular order. For example, John is the predecessor of George as the British Prime Minister. George is the predecessor of Theresa as the current British Prime Minister.

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