What is another word for pattern after?

Pronunciation: [pˈatən ˈaftə] (IPA)

The phrase "pattern after" means to take inspiration or guidance from something as a model for something else. Some synonyms for "pattern after" include: mimic, emulate, follow, imitate, simulate, copy, replicate, and echo. These words all suggest a similar idea of taking elements from one source and applying them to something new. The difference lies in the degree of exactness in the replication of the original source. While mimic or copy suggests a precise and almost identical reproduction, emulate or follow suggests a more flexible approach where the original source provides a general direction or guide. Nevertheless, all of these words imply that the resulting creation is directly influenced by the original source.

What are the opposite words for pattern after?

The antonyms for the term "pattern after" can be diverse in nature depending on the context it is used in. Some possible antonyms for "pattern after" could be reject, avoid, innovate, diverge, deviate, disregard, challenge, depart, refuse, question, buck, or rebel. For instance, if we consider a scenario where an artist is looking to create a piece of work without taking inspiration from others, the antonym for "pattern after" could be "innovate" or "deviate". On the other hand, if an individual wants to go against the norm and create something original, "rebel" or "challenge" could be potential antonyms for "pattern after." Ultimately, the antonym for "pattern after" will depend on the context and the specific meaning intended.

What are the antonyms for Pattern after?

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