What is another word for feign?

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Feign is a verb that means to pretend or simulate something, usually an emotion or a state of mind. However, there are many synonyms for feign that can be used to enrich your vocabulary and add detail to your writing. For instance, to dissemble is to conceal your true feelings, often by lying or pretending to be someone you're not. Similarly, to simulate is to create an imitation or reproduction of something, such as a situation or feeling. Additionally, to sham is to falsely represent oneself, often to deceive others, while to fabricate is to make up or invent something that is not true. All of these words provide different shades of meaning to help you express yourself precisely and vividly.

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    How to use "Feign" in context?

    "feign" is a verb which means "to simulate or pretend." It can also refer to the act of fabricating evidence or stories in order to deceive someone. When used as a noun, "feign" can mean "a skillful imitation or imitation of the features, behavior, or speech of a person.

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