What is another word for spoof?

Pronunciation: [spˈuːf] (IPA)

The word "spoof" implies a humorous or satirical imitation of something serious or flawless. However, there are many similar words that can be used to express a similar concept, three examples are: parody, satire and farce. A parody is a type of spoof that imitates a specific work of literature, art, or music, often for comedic purposes. On the other hand, satire is a broader term that refers to any humorous or sarcastic commentary on society, politics, or any living matter. Farce, like spoof, is a form of comedy that exaggerates and ridicules human behaviour and character, often through ridiculous and absurd situations. Regardless of which synonym is used, it is essential to note that spoofs are always intended to bring a smile to people's faces and entertain.

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What are the opposite words for spoof?

Spoof, which means to mimic or imitate in a humorous or satirical way, has several antonyms. One such antonym is genuine, which means real or authentic. Other antonyms for spoof include serious, real, sincere, and earnest. Serious refers to something that is significant or important, while real denotes something that is not fake or artificial. Sincere describes something that is genuine or heartfelt, while earnest refers to something that is sincere and honest. These antonyms for spoof suggest the opposite of mocking or parodying, instead highlighting authenticity, seriousness, and genuineness.

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Usage examples for Spoof

Manager, head-clerk, porter, doorman and page, he told them, one and all, what a dotty old spoof of a country they lived in; that they were all dead-alive persons, fit to be neither under nor above earth; that they wouldn't be one-two in a race with January molasses-"Treacle, I believe you call it here!"
"The Voice in the Fog"
Harold MacGrath
In the days when Mark Twain was writing, it was considered good form to spoof not only the classics but surplus learning of any kind.
"Love Conquers All"
Robert C. Benchley
Yet still though his eyes were thick with sleep and sea air life was full of a host of things and coincidences of a terrible nature and it was quite within the bounds of possibility that it was not an entire fabrication though at first blush there was not much inherent probability in all the spoof he got off his chest being strictly accurate gospel.
James Joyce

Famous quotes with Spoof

  • I'm also doing a special for Comedy Central called Autobiography. It's going to be a spoof of Biography.
    Kathy Griffin
  • I would love to do a comedy spoof, like a Spinal Tap kind of thing.
    Matthew McGrory
  • The only spoof I think is the title, which was just we thought of very early on and it kind of stuck.
    Simon Pegg
  • Then my first film was something called Cannibal Girls, which sounds like a horror movie but was actually kind of a goofy comedy with horror elements. Like a horror spoof.
    Ivan Reitman
  • He was probably the most diligent fact excavator since Gibbon; what he didn't know about a subject, once he had decided to spoof it, wasn't worth knowing.
    Will Cuppy

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