What is another word for emulate?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛmjʊlˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Emulate is a verb that means to imitate or strive to be like someone or something. However, there are several synonyms which can be used in place of emulate based on the context. Words such as imitate, mimic, mirror, copy, follow can be used interchangeably based on the situation. For instance, when talking about art, words like model, reproduce, echo, or simulate can be used to express emulate. Additionally, in sports, one can use words such as mirror, ape, imitate, or follow to express emulating in a competitive context. In summary, various synonyms can be used in place of the word emulate, depending on the context and intended meaning of communication.

Synonyms for Emulate:

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What are the opposite words for emulate?

Emulate is a verb that means to imitate or follow as an example. Antonyms for emulate would be words that convey the opposite meaning, such as neglect, ignore, disobey, or neglect. Neglect means to pay little or no attention to something or someone, while to ignore means to disregard someone or something intentionally. Disobey means to refuse to comply with a command or a rule, while to neglect means to fail to take care of or give attention to something or someone. All these words contradict the meaning of emulate, which is to strive to equal or surpass someone or something by imitation.

What are the antonyms for Emulate?

  • v.

    copy the actions of

Usage examples for Emulate

No, she could not emulate Frau Jula after all.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann
Judging by both past and future, it is not unjust to suppose that she may have been making ready once more to emulate the ship-deserting rat.
Albert Payson Terhune
Amarilly had the "star method," which they all vainly tried to emulate.
"Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley"
Belle K. Maniates

Famous quotes with Emulate

  • Too many of Disney animators, and a lot try to emulate Disney, are trying to hit what they call quality levels. They're boring mannerisms.
    Ralph Bakshi
  • People in Latin America... love America from afar and emulate America in some ways but also hate a lot of things that America does to them.
    David Byrne
  • Thirdly, as we move through this process of integrating the communications, we will begin to emulate more of the World Wide Web in our work in the future.
    Stephen Cambone
  • Great masters neither want nor need your worship. Your greatest gift to them and yourself is to emulate their divinity by claiming it as your own.
    Alan Cohen
  • My goal was to make New Jersey's state government a model for all other states to emulate, hopefully thereby to stem, or at least slow down, the flow of power to the federal government.
    Charles Edison

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