What is another word for look like?

Pronunciation: [lˈʊk lˈa͡ɪk] (IPA)

"Look like" is a common phrase used to describe the appearance or resemblance of something. However, there are various synonyms that can be used to express the same meaning. For instance, "resemble" connotes likeness or similarity, whereas "appear like" highlights the visual representation of something. "Seem like" suggests that something gives the impression of being a certain way while "take after" implies physical resemblance to someone or something. Other alternatives include "mirror," "reflect," "echo," and "mimic." Knowing these synonyms gives a writer or speaker a broader range of words to choose from in their communication, enhancing message clarity and avoiding word repetition.

Synonyms for Look like:

What are the hypernyms for Look like?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Look like?

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What are the opposite words for look like?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For the phrase "look like," the antonyms would be words that describe the opposite of resemblance or similarity, such as "dissimilar," "incompatible," "unlike," or "contrasting." Dissimilar means that two things do not look alike, have different traits or characteristics. Incompatible describes two things that cannot coexist or are incompatible. Unlike describes something that is dissimilar to something else. Contrasting refers to the comparison of two different things. Overall, antonyms for the phrase "look like" refer to words that describe contrasts rather than similarities.

What are the antonyms for Look like?

Famous quotes with Look like

  • It's a whole team of people working 24 hours around the clock to make me look like this.
    Clay Aiken
  • Do you want Columbus to go across the ocean, or do you want to put a message in a bottle and hope that it lands somewhere? I'd rather have actual people be there. Whether they look like Americans or like the inhabitants of some other country, depends on who has the most drive.
    Kevin J. Anderson
  • If you had an alien race that looked like insects, then they would build robots to look like themselves, not to look like people.
    Kevin J. Anderson
  • Casey knew his baseball. He only made it look like he was fooling around. He knew every move that was ever invented and some that we haven't even caught on to yet.
    Sparky Anderson
  • Thank God we're not like America: everyone wants to look like they're 20. In Europe we admire grown-up women. I think men revere older women.
    Francesca Annis

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