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The word "forge" carries different meanings depending on the context. When used as a noun, it refers to a furnace used for heating and shaping metal, while as a verb, it can mean to create or form something from scratch, or to make a false or fraudulent document. Synonyms for "forge" when used as a verb include "craft", "create", "shape", "construct", "build", "fashion", and "manufacture". When used in the context of a furnace, synonyms for "forge" include "foundry", "furnace", and "smelter". It's important to take care in using synonyms, paying attention to the precise meaning of the word in the specific context.

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How to use "Forge" in context?

Forge is a Minecraft mod that adds working forges to the game. Forges allow you to create tools and weapons out of iron and other metals. Forges also allow you to smelt ores into metals, creating valuable resources.

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