What is another word for women?

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The English language provides several synonyms for the word "women," each with its own connotation. One of the most commonly used is "females," which is a general term that defines the sex of an individual. Another synonym is "ladies," which is often used to refer to women in social settings or polite situations. Some other synonyms for women include "gals," "dames," and "girls." However, it's important to use these synonyms with caution, as they can sometimes portray a limited or objectified view of women. Therefore, it's always best to consider the context and intention behind the words we use to describe women.

How to use "Women" in context?

When it comes to the gender division of labor in society, women have traditionally had a much harder time breaking into traditionally male-dominated fields. This is largely due to a number of structural factors in society that have benefitted men more than women.

One of the main reasons women are less likely to be in leadership positions is that they are less likely to qualify for them. For example, a study by Catalyst found that just 27 percent of leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies were held by women, despite women making up 47 percent of the overall workforce.

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