What is another word for plaguey?

66 synonyms found


[ plˈe͡ɪɡi], [ plˈe‍ɪɡi], [ p_l_ˈeɪ_ɡ_i]

How to use "Plaguey" in context?

The plague has few survivors in modern times. But in the 1300s, it was the most feared disease in the world. It killed 60-70% of all people it infected. In medieval times, the plague was called the "Great Death." It was a pandemic that killed millions of people all over the world.

The plague was nasty, scary, and deadly. It was a bacterial infection that caused fever, joint pain, headaches, and swollen lymph nodes. The plague was spread through the air, usually by sneezing, coughing, or contact with infected fluids (like blood or pus).

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