What is another word for irritating?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪɹɪtˌe͡ɪtɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "irritating" can be replaced by various synonyms that convey the same meaning. Some of the synonyms for "irritating" include annoying, vexing, bothersome, upsetting, exasperating, frustrating, and maddening. Each synonym has a slightly different connotation, but all imply a feeling of frustration or discomfort caused by something unpleasant. For instance, "annoying" suggests something that repeatedly bothers or irritates, while "upsetting" implies that the irritation has an emotional impact. Similarly, "exasperating" implies a heightened or prolonged irritation, while "bothersome" suggests that the irritation is less severe but still present. Whatever the context, using synonyms can add variety and nuance to one's writing and speech.

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What are the hypernyms for Irritating?

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What are the opposite words for irritating?

The word "irritating" refers to something that is bothersome, annoying, or unpleasant. Antonyms, on the other hand, are words that convey the opposite meaning of a given word. Therefore, antonyms for the word "irritating" would be words that describe something enjoyable, pleasant, or pleasing. Some suitable antonyms for "irritating" could include delightful, pleasing, enjoyable, agreeable, satisfying, pleasing, and soothing. Other words that could be antonyms include peaceful, calming, comforting, and relaxing. By using these antonyms, one can effectively convey the opposite meaning of the word "irritating", thereby producing a more positive sentiment.

What are the antonyms for Irritating?

Usage examples for Irritating

Picking out what he considered the two most attractive items in the illustrated paper with which he was dealing, he had repeated these items alternately with what to most onlookers would have seemed an irritating regularity.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
But it was irritating to have him lump her with them so carelessly.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
He suffered much, yet it often appears to me, as if by continually irritating them, he purposely re-opened his wounds.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse

Famous quotes with Irritating

  • Prejudice is like a hair across your cheek. You can't see it, you can't find it with your fingers, but you keep brushing at it because the feel of it is irritating.
    Marian Anderson
  • Between friends differences in taste or opinion are irritating in direct proportion to their triviality.
    W. H. Auden
  • I love singing - singing is what I'm famous for doing. Now it's turned into things I am famous for doing - like having rows with my mum or about my boyfriend, so it does get irritating.
    Charlotte Church
  • Well, I just said that Jesus and I were both Jewish and that neither of us ever had a job, we never had a home, we never married and we traveled around the countryside irritating people.
    Kinky Friedman
  • There is nobody so irritating as somebody with less intelligence and more sense than we have.
    Don Herold

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