What is another word for importunate?

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[ ˌɪmpɔːtˈʌne͡ɪt], [ ˌɪmpɔːtˈʌne‍ɪt], [ ˌɪ_m_p_ɔː_t_ˈʌ_n_eɪ_t]

Importunate is an adjective that means persistent and demanding, often to the point of being annoying. There are several synonyms for the word importunate, including insistent, persistent, pressing, demanding, urgent, and imperative. These words describe the behavior of someone who is unrelenting in their pursuit of something or someone. Other words that can be used as synonyms for importunate include pushy, overbearing, nagging, and obnoxious. These words all describe someone who is trying to get something done or achieve a goal, but may be doing so in a way that is bothersome to others. Overall, the word importunate and its synonyms describe someone who is very insistent and persistent in their actions.

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    What are the opposite words for importunate?

    The word "importunate" refers to someone who is persistent and demanding in their requests or demands. Antonyms for the word "importunate" include easygoing, relaxed, laid-back, and lackadaisical. These words describe someone who is not pushy, demanding or insistent in their behavior. Other antonyms include gentle, courteous, respectful, and compliant. These words suggest someone who is willing to listen and go with the flow, rather than fighting for their own way. By using antonyms for "importunate" in your writing, you can create a variety of different tones and moods that will engage your readers and capture their interest.

    Usage examples for Importunate

    Again such a silence fell on us as, after prolonged sound, has an importunate quality that even sound has not.
    "The Debit Account"
    Oliver Onions
    But now the heritage of his own nature asserted itself in Els and, with an outburst of indignation, she pointed to the picture of her mother, whose kind heart certainly could not have endured to see a broken-hearted man, on whose rescue the happiness of her own child depended, turned from her door like an importunate beggar.
    "In The Fire Of The Forge, Volume 5."
    Georg Ebers
    I did not learn the worst until I went to the Council, or I would have turned the importunate fellow from the door this morning.
    "In The Fire Of The Forge, Volume 5."
    Georg Ebers

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