What is another word for Plaguing?

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Plaguing refers to a situation or circumstance that is causing ongoing problems or difficulties. Synonyms for plaguing could include haunting, pestering, vexing, tormenting, afflicting, bedeviling, and troubling. Sometimes, plaguing can also be described as a persistent or recurring issue, such as a problem or challenge that refuses to go away. Other synonyms for plaguing might include dogging, nagging, hounding, harassing, or besieging. One could also use the phrase "causing distress" as an alternative to plaguing. Whatever the word choice, it's clear that when something is plaguing us, it's causing significant disruption or harm to our lives.

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How to use "Plaguing" in context?

The word "Plaguing," when used in reference to a pest, refers to a disturbing pattern of behavior in which the pest becomes inactive or stays put for unusually long periods of time, only to reappear with a vengeance. Although some pests may only cause minor annoyance, others can be downright harmful. For example, a plague of locusts may cause widespread crop loss and may also carry a number of health risks.

The root of the problem is often that the pest is attracted to areas in which there is ample food or shelter.

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