What is another word for pestiferous?

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[ pɛstˈɪfəɹəs], [ pɛstˈɪfəɹəs], [ p_ɛ_s_t_ˈɪ_f_ə_ɹ_ə_s]

Pestiferous is an uncommon word that means "pesky" or "troublesome." Synonyms for pestiferous include annoying, bothersome, irksome, vexing, irritating, undesirable, and objectionable. Other words that convey a similar meaning are troublesome, difficult, stubborn, persistent, and unmanageable. Depending on the context, other synonyms may include meddlesome, impertinent, or intrusive. While pestiferous may not be commonly used in everyday conversations, grabbing its synonyms can help you articulate your points without sounding too unfamiliar or strange. Being familiar with its synonym can be helpful for those who are either trying to improve their writing or communicate effectively with others.

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    How to use "Pestiferous" in context?

    The word "pestiferous" is derived from the Latin word "pestifer" which means "a portentous thing, an omen." In modern English, the word "pestiferous" is used to describe something that is harmful or troublesome. Some examples of things that can be described as pestiferous include insects, bacteria, and fungi.

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