What is another word for worrisome?

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"Worrisome" is a commonly used term that describes something that causes concern, worry or anxiety. However, there are several great synonyms for this word that can be used to provide variety and avoid repetition in your writing. Some of these include "troubling," "disturbing," "nerve-racking," "perturbing," "disconcerting," "alarming," "unsettling," "bothersome," "upsetting," "anxious," "disquieting," and "uncomfortable." Each of these synonyms has a slightly different connotation that can be used to convey a specific feeling or emotion in your writing. For example, "disconcerting" can indicate surprise or confusion, while "uncomfortable" may suggest physical or emotional discomfort.

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Worrisome is a term that refers to something that causes concern and apprehension. The antonyms for the word worrisome are reassuring, comforting, and calming. Reassuring implies the removal of doubts or fears and provides confidence in something. Comforting signifies contentment and consolation in moments of unease or distress. Calming denotes the easing of tension or overactivity and brings a sense of tranquility. Other antonyms include peaceful, relaxed, happy, and secure. These words suggest a state of mind that is free from worry and anxiety. It is essential to recognize that antonyms offer opposite meanings to words and can help to broaden your vocabulary.

Usage examples for Worrisome

Of co'se sech conduct ez that is worrisome, but I don't see no, to say, bad principle in it.
"Sonny, A Christmas Guest"
Ruth McEnery Stuart
The weeks since his arrival had been the most worrisome she could remember.
"The Mysterious Rider"
Zane Grey
"That is, the profession ain't so bad, but it's a worrisome and unappreciative life.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey

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