What is another word for plaid?

Pronunciation: [plˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

Plaid is a fabric pattern that features interlocking stripes that are commonly seen in clothing and home decor. There are a few different synonym terms to describe this pattern, such as tartan, check, or crisscross. Tartan is typically used to describe a plaid pattern that is associated with Scottish clan tartans. Check is a more general term that can describe any fabric with a repeating pattern of squares or rectangles. Crisscross is a synonym with a more geometric connotation, referring to diagonal lines that interlock to create a grid-like pattern. Despite their differences, all of these synonyms for plaid share an identifiable pattern that is instantly recognizable.

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The word "plaid" refers to a pattern of twisted threads of different colors that cross each other at right angles. Antonyms for this word are solids, prints, and stripes. Solids refer to fabrics with a single color, while prints are fabrics that display designs other than a plaid pattern. Stripes refer to a pattern of straight lines that run parallel to each other. These antonyms provide people with different pattern options when selecting clothing or home decor. While plaid is a timeless and traditional pattern, it is always good to have alternatives and make fashion statements with distinct patterns.

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Usage examples for Plaid

My landlady came to announce that the gentleman was waiting for me below, and at the same moment his servant entered to carry down my plaid and bag, so I had to hurry away.
"The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
Paul Heyse
Who ever heard of going to a wedding in plaid trousers and waistcoat!
"Monsieur Cherami"
Charles Paul de Kock
Her plaid dress was neatly made, and her shoes were of a light-tan colour.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody

Famous quotes with Plaid

  • I loved Catholic school. I didn't like being beeped at by old pervs at the gas station because I was wearing a plaid skirt, though. It's like, do you think I'm going to stop and give you my phone number?
    Kristen Bell
  • Never wear plaid.
    Dylan McDermott
  • I do not believe that I have a thinking problem as much as a feeling problem. What I mean is, I know the Christian answer to most questions but I do not always live accordingly. I am not pagan. But my "goodness" is the product of moral upbringing, not of a coherent biblical worldview. I tend do to and thing as I feel like doing and thinking. There is rarely an exception. I am guided by Pavlovian instincts. Church culture has a vocabulary, and I have learned it well. There is a dress code too, and my clothes are well within the acceptable parameters, I wear Dockers and plaid shirts, as is silently required of twenty-something Christians. I only vote Republican, which is also silently required.
    Don Miller (author)
  • The overcoat was a trademark of his. It was an impermeable thrift-shop special with a plaid flannel lining and wide lapels, and it looked as though it had been trying for many years to keep the rain off the stooped shoulders of a long series of hard cases, drifters, and ordinary bums. It emitted an odor of bus station so desolate that just standing next to him you could feel your luck changing for the worse.
    Michael Chabon
  • [of Spode] He was, as I had already been able to perceive, a breath-taking cove. About seven feet in height, and swathed in a plaid ulster which made him look about six feet across, he caught the eye and arrested it. It was as if Nature had intended to make a gorilla and had changed its mind at the last moment.
    P. G. Wodehouse

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