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Interfering is a word that typically means meddling in other people's affairs without permission. There are a number of synonyms for this term, including meddlesome, intrusive, nosy, pushy, busybody, prying, and officious. All of these words convey the sense that someone is interfering in an unwanted or annoying way, usually without regard for how their actions might be perceived by others. Some other possible synonyms for interfering might include controlling, domineering, micromanaging, or overbearing. Ultimately, the choice of words to describe someone who is interfering will depend on the specific context of the situation and the intent behind the person's actions.

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    "Interfering" is typically used to describe a negative behavior that involves meddling or getting involved in other people's affairs without invitation. Antonyms for this word would therefore be those that express a positive, respectful or appropriate behavior. Some possible antonyms for "interfering" include: 1. Respectful: This term reflects a behavior that involves being courteous and considerate towards others, and respecting their space and privacy. 2. Mindful: This word denotes a behavior that involves being aware of one's actions and the impact they may have on others, and being considerate in one's dealings with others. 3. Unobtrusive: This term means that one is unassuming and discreet, and does not draw undue attention to themselves or their actions. 4.

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