What is another word for cheering?

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Cheering is generally synonymous with words like applauding, praising, applause, support, and encouragement. These synonyms express positive feelings and are typically used in communal settings like sporting events or public speeches. Other synonyms for cheering include root, urge on, and rally, which all have the connotation of inspiring others to action. Additionally, the phrase "give a cheer" implies a kind of vocal celebration that can be replaced with synonyms like holler, shout, and yell. Overall, there are many synonyms for cheering that can be used in a variety of situations, each expressing a slightly different shade of meaning.

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    cheering usually registers as a louder sound than the occasional polite applause. This is most likely because cheering is a more intense sound than applause. When people cheer, they often raise their voices, clap their hands and thrust them into the air.

    Cheering is usually done to show happiness, support or appreciation for a team or individual performer. It can also be done as an act of defiance or in response to a negative situation. Generally, people cheer when they feel happy, engaged or interested in what is happening.

    Cheering can take place in many different contexts, including sporting events, concerts and other forms of entertainment.

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