What is another word for dispenser?

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[ dɪspˈɛnsə], [ dɪspˈɛnsə], [ d_ɪ_s_p_ˈɛ_n_s_ə]

The word "dispenser" has a wide range of synonyms to describe devices that dispense or release something. Some of these synonyms include "distributor," "dispensary," "issuer," "provider," "vending machine," "container," "bearer," "zephr," "spout," and "aperture". These terms describe everything from a machine that dispenses candy to the fingers you use to apply hand sanitizer, to a baker's dispenser for powdered sugar. The versatility of the term provides an endless range of options for describing devices that provide a service in releasing or dispensing an item. Whether you need to describe a vending machine that dispenses soda or a dispenser that delivers medication, there's a synonym for "dispenser" that will fit the bill.

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    How to use "Dispenser" in context?

    A dispenser is a machine that spits out a desired product. It is also able to vary the pressure or temperature to produce the desired product. Dispensers are used in many different industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, and beverage industries. Dispensers are also used in manufacturing environments to produce products line by line.

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