What is another word for distributor?

Pronunciation: [dɪstɹˈɪbjuːtə] (IPA)

The word "distributor" can be replaced with several synonyms, including supplier, wholesaler, vendor, provider, merchant, dealer, and reseller. Each of these words refers to a person or company that supplies goods or products to other businesses or individuals. A supplier is typically a company that produces goods or materials and sells them to others. A wholesaler tends to sell in bulk to retailers, rather than selling directly to consumers. A vendor is simply a seller of goods or services. A provider can refer to a person or company that supplies goods or services to another. A merchant is usually a seller of products or goods, while a reseller typically buys products from a manufacturer or supplier and sells them to consumers or other businesses.

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Usage examples for Distributor

It is the habit, for example, to speak of the Crown as the fountain of justice, and even an author so learned and accurate as Todd repeats Blackstone's statement that By the fountain of justice, the law does not mean the author or original, but only the distributor.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell
This method is followed successfully by many poultrymen who deliver eggs as regularly as the milk distributor or the baker deliver their products.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee
Being an easy talker, he might have been a book agent or a green goods distributor.
"Shorty McCabe"
Sewell Ford

Famous quotes with Distributor

  • I generally sell my records online or at the show. You can undersell the distributor and the stores, and people know what they're getting cause they've just seen you live.
    Roy Ayers
  • People think of us as an information distributor because that's how they relate to the Internet. But most of the time people already have pretty well established opinions.
    Joan Blades
  • To have a film in America means precisely nothing if you don't have a distributor who stands behind it.
    Arthur Cohn
  • Today I divide my day between being actor, producer and distributor, and the monotony is broken.
    Ajay Devgan
  • I have no distributor... it is indicative to me that there are these pockets of players and collectors all over. You should see the correspondence I get from over the world letting me know how significant they think I am. I know that wherever I go, I am well received.
    Bill Dixon

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