What is another word for donor?

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Donor is a word often used to describe people who give something to a person or organization in need. However, there are several other words that can be used as synonyms for the term donor. Some of these words include benefactor, contributor, supporter, patron, backer, philanthropist, provider, giver, helper, and sponsor. Each of these words indicates someone who is generously giving of their resources, time, or effort to help others. Whether it is through monetary donations, volunteer work, or simply offering their expertise, donors and all of their synonyms play a vital role in supporting those in need and making a positive impact on the world around us.

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    The antonym for the word "donor" is "recipient". A recipient refers to an individual or entity that receives something, especially a gift or donation, from someone else. The term is often used in the context of charitable activities or philanthropy, where individuals or organizations donate money, time, or goods to help those in need. In contrast, a donor is someone who gives or donates something to another party. Both terms are integral to the giving and receiving process of charity, as they represent the duality of the act of giving and the gratitude that comes with receiving.

    Usage examples for Donor

    But I venture to suggest still another reason: this is, that in the uplifted, pleading face of the mendicant, whose expression of appeal and humility is a striking bit of realism in these ideal surroundings, we may have the actual portrait of the donor, Hans Gerster himself.
    Beatrice Fortescue
    The pianist kisses both hands of the donor, and kneels before her; the Princess says, laughing, Don't be absurd, my dear.
    "Erlach Court"
    Ossip Schubin
    The Queen of France was thus able to produce the jewels when her husband, their original donor, asked for them, and the accusing stud which the malice of her enemies sent to Paris was deprived of power to injure her.
    "Henrietta Maria"
    Henrietta Haynes

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