What is another word for punctually?

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Punctuality is an important trait to have, whether it's for school or work. There are many synonyms that can be used in place of the word "punctually" such as promptly, timely, on time, on schedule, and at the appointed time. These words emphasize the importance of being punctual and keeping to a schedule. Other synonyms include punctiliously, precisely, closely, and exactly. These words highlight the attention to detail that is required to be punctual. Being punctual not only shows respect for others' time but also demonstrates responsibility and reliability. Using synonyms for punctuality can make your speech or writing more interesting while conveying the same essential meaning.

Synonyms for Punctually:

How to use "Punctually" in context?

Punctually means meeting or coming in accordance with a certain time; on time.

I arrived punctually to our meeting.

The company has a strict policy of arriving on time.

She was punctual for the meeting, but arrived late.

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