What is another word for putsch?

Pronunciation: [pˈʌt͡ʃ] (IPA)

Putsch is defined as a violent attempt to overthrow a government or political system by a small group of people. There are several synonyms for putsch, such as coup, overthrow, rebellion, insurrection, and revolt. A coup is a sudden and illegal seizure of power, often orchestrated by military or political elites. Overthrow refers to the removal of an established regime or government by force. Rebellion is a broad term that denotes resistance or opposition to a ruling authority. Insurrection refers to a violent uprising against an institution or government. Revolt refers to a widespread and organized rebellion against an existing social, political, or economic structure.

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Usage examples for Putsch

He gasped once or twice and then started sneezing-hoc-hoc-put-putsch!
"The Great Hunger"
Johan Bojer
Rudolf Hess on the morning of the Beer Hall putsch.
"Murder in the Gunroom"
Henry Beam Piper
In 1920, a general strike defeated the attempt of the militarists to seize control of the state in the Kapp putsch.
"Introduction to Non-Violence"
Theodore Paullin

Famous quotes with Putsch

  • The Iranian revolution was a real revolution, not just a coup d'etat or a putsch or whatever. It was a genuine revolution in the sense that the French and the Russian revolutions were revolutions. It brought a massive change, social, economic, ideological not just a change of regime. Like for the French and Russian revolutions in their day, Khomeini had had a tremendous impact everywhere they had a shared universe of discourse, that is to say, the Muslim world. Just as the French and Russian revolutions in their day, and for some time after, had such an impact, so did the Iranian revolution, and it was not limited to the Shi'a world.
    Bernard Lewis

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