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Insurgency refers to an armed rebellion or revolt against a government or ruling authority. There are various synonyms that can be used instead of insurgency, including rebellion, uprising, mutiny, unrest, dissidence, insurrection, sedition, and revolution. Rebellion typically refers to an organized and active resistance against an established authority. Uprising, on the other hand, is a broader term that can encompass any form of opposition to the status quo. Mutiny refers to an organized revolt by members of a military or naval force against their superiors. Unrest generally refers to a state of dissatisfaction, instability, and tension within a society or community.

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Insurgency is a political disorder characterized by an organized struggle against a government or occupying power by a clandestine, violent, and often armed group, usually seeking to create a new government or overthrow the old. The meaning of the word "insurgency" can be narrowed to referring to only armed rebellious campaigns, but insurgency is more broadly defined as a series of nonviolent struggles by groups that share a common purpose.

Insurgency is a product of thestrategic interaction between insurgents and their environment. The expression of insurgent will in the form of decentralized, pluralistic, and individualistic behavior challenges the legitimacy of the governing authority.

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