What is another word for apostasy?

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Apostasy, which means the abandonment or renunciation of one's religious or political beliefs, has several synonyms. Renunciation, which denotes a formal declaration of giving up one's religious faith or other beliefs, is one such synonym. Defection, which refers to the act of leaving a political party or organization, is another synonym for apostasy. Termination, withdrawal, desertion, and disownment are some other words that can be used instead of apostasy. Apostasy is often viewed negatively in religious or political contexts, and therefore, people may use euphemisms such as "falling away" or "losing faith" to describe the same act.

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Apostasy, the abandonment or renunciation of one's religious faith, has several antonyms. These include adherence, loyalty, devotion, steadfastness, and faithfulness. Adherence refers to the act of sticking to a belief or policy without deviation. Loyalty is the state of being devoted to a particular cause, group or person. Devotion is the act of being completely dedicated to something or someone. Steadfastness means being committed to a belief, idea, or principle. Faithfulness is the state of being loyal and devoted to one's beliefs, values, and commitments. These antonyms highlight the opposite of apostasy and illustrate the importance of staying true to one's beliefs, morals, and values.

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Usage examples for Apostasy

He had two years previously preached at Oxford the assize sermon on National apostasy, which Newman marks as the beginning of the awakening of the country to church doctrine and practice.
"John Keble's Parishes"
Charlotte M Yonge
And if the apostasy should have the weight of numbers and a whole city go astray, the same doom is theirs.
Hugh Black
If the tenderest relationship should tempt the soul away, if a brother, or son, or daughter, or wife, or friend, should entice to apostasy, the same relentless judgment must be meted out.
Hugh Black

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