What is another word for barricade?

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Barricades are physical barriers that are often used to block entry to a certain area or to prevent access to a particular object. There are several synonyms for barricade, including barrier, blockade, obstacle, obstruction, and fence. A barrier refers to any material or object that prevents passage. A blockade is a military term that describes the use of barriers to prevent enemy access. An obstacle is any impediment that hinders movement. An obstruction refers to anything that blocks the way, while a fence is a type of barrier that typically surrounds a property or area. All of these synonyms are useful in different contexts, but they all refer to physical barriers that limit or prevent movement.

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    Barricade is a physical barrier or wall used to block access to a given area. In simple terms, a barricade is a structure, device, or obstruction that is used to stem or prevent the entry of unauthorized persons or objects into a given space.

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