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Overthrow refers to the act of forcefully ending the reign or overthrowing the rule of someone. Here are a few words that can be used as synonyms or replacement for the term Overthrow. 1. Depose - This word means removing someone from a position of authority or power. 2. Topple - It is used to describe the act of bringing down or knocking over something that was previously standing. 3. Defeat - This word can be used to describe the act of winning against a rival or an opponent. 4. Subvert - It means to undermine or overturn something that was previously stable or established. 5. Dethrone - It refers to the act of deposing a monarch or a ruler from their throne. 6. Annihilate - This word is used to describe the act of completely destroying or wiping out something. 7. Supersede - It means to replace or push out something that was previously in place.

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How to use "Overthrow" in context?

Overthrow is defined as the act of overthrowing a government or ruling body, typically by means of force or the threat of force.

The overthrow of a government can be caused by a number of factors, including an uprising against the government by the people, a military coup, or an assassination.

Overthrow can have a number of dangerous consequences, including the establishment of a new government that may be oppressive or illegitimate, the increased spread of violence and chaos, and the possible increase in religious or extremist ideologies.

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