What is another word for retrieve?

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Retrieve is a versatile word that has many synonyms that can be helpful in different contexts. You could use the word "recover" to imply that something was lost and now found again. "Retrieval" and "retrieval of information" implies the act of obtaining something that has been lost or misplaced. "Regain" refers to the action of getting something back that was once lost. "Retrieve" also has a connotation of restoring an object or information. Some other synonyms for "retrieve" include "redeem," "salvage," and "rescue." All of these words have a similar meaning but may be more appropriate based on the specific situation.

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How to use "Retrieve" in context?

Retrieve refers to the act of retrieving something that has been lost or1 misplaced. When seeking to retrieve information from a computer, one may use the term retrieve data.

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