What is another word for opened?

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Opened is a versatile and commonly used verb that can be substituted with several synonyms depending on the context. Some common synonyms for the word 'opened' include 'unlocked', 'unfastened', 'dislodged', 'released', 'unsealed', 'uncorked', 'unfolded', 'revealed', 'exposed', and 'cracked'. For example, a door can be 'unlocked' or 'unfastened', a bottle can be 'uncorked', a window can be 'cracked', and a book can be 'unfolded'. These alternatives can add variety and depth to language, making it less monotonous and more interesting. Choosing the right synonym to replace 'opened' can also help to convey specific meanings and nuances.

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    When you open a door, or an envelope, or a book, you're letting the world in. You're letting air and light into a space that was once hidden, and you're inviting people, things, and experiences into your life. It's a simple gesture, but it has a profound effect.

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