What is another word for rostrum?

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Rostrum, a term that refers to a raised platform or stage, has a variety of synonyms to choose from. A dais, pulpit, or podium can be used in place of rostrum when referring to the stage or platform where someone stands to give a speech or presentation. A lectern, which typically has a slanted top for holding notes or a book, or a tribune, which is a term commonly used in political contexts, can also be used as synonyms for rostrum. Other synonyms include soapbox, scaffold, and riser, which can all be used to describe a platform that raises someone above the surrounding area.

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    How to use "Rostrum" in context?

    The rostrum is a piece of furniture or an ornamental plaque used in the stage setting of a theater or other public performance space. It is a raised platform from which the speaker or speaker's table might be viewed. The rostrum was also a common place from which judges would read out sentences or deliver speeches in a law court.

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