What is another word for prow?

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Prow is typically used to describe the front part of a ship or boat. However, there are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe this same feature. One of the most common synonyms for prow is "bow", which refers to the forward part of a ship or boat that cuts through the water. Another synonym that is sometimes used is "forepeak". This term specifically refers to the section of the ship or boat that is located at the very front of the vessel, often below the water line. Other synonyms for prow include "stem", "snout", and "jib boom". Regardless of which term is used, they all refer to the same powerful and distinctive feature that characterizes the front of a ship or boat.

Semantically related words: search and rescue, maritime security, military robotics, unmanned aerial vehicle, military equipment, unmanned vehicle

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    How to use "Prow" in context?

    Prowess is a term for the skill or ability to do something well. It can refer to physical ability, such as being strong or fast, or it can refer to intellectual ability, such as being smart or knowledgeable.

    Homophones for Prow:

    • prough.

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