What is another word for brow?

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Brow is a word that refers to the ridge of bone above the eye or the forehead. However, there are various synonyms for brow that one can use in order to add more variety in their writing. These synonyms include words such as forehead, temple, cranium, peak, crest, summit, and crown. Additionally, other synonyms that can be used in place of brow in certain contexts include words such as browline, eyebrow, browband, and brow ridge. By incorporating these synonyms into their writing, writers can create more descriptive and engaging content that keeps readers interested and invested.

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    Brow is the term used to describe the elevated ridge of skin above the eyes. The brow ridge is typically broad and arched, and is visible when the eyebrows are raised. The term can also be used to describe the crease that is typically found between the eyes and the hairline. The natural depth of the brow ridge can vary, and is often shaped by genetics.

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    • Brough, BRAU.

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