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"Nib" is a term mostly used in writing and calligraphy, referring to the tip of a pen or a quill that is used to write or draw. Some synonyms for nib include "point", "tip", "niblet", "writing end", "pen point", "pen end", "quill point", "quill end", "ink tip", and "ink nib". These synonyms can also be used to describe the pointy end of a variety of other tools or objects such as a glass cutter, a brush, or an engraving tool. Writing instruments with replaceable nibs, such as fountain pens or calligraphy pens, often have a range of nib sizes and styles for different styles of writing.

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    • Proper noun, singular
      NBI, BNI.

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    • artifact

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The first antonym for the word "nib" is "whole." A nib is a small piece or fragment, while a whole refers to an unbroken or undamaged object. Another antonym for nib is "bulk," which means a large quantity or mass, while nib denotes a small, individual item. The third antonym is "prong," which is a pointed projection on a tool, while a nib is a pointed end used for writing or drawing. Finally, "blunt" is another antonym for nib as a nib is sharp or pointed, while blunt refers to a dull or rounded edge. These antonyms provide contrasting meanings to the word "nib" and help clarify its definition.

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Usage examples for Nib

The nib scratched on.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford
Since Saturday I have had my thanks ready at the end of my fingers waiting to slide along to the nib of my pen.
"The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1 of 2)"
Frederic G. Kenyon
One problem in itself is as good as another, just as one kind of nib is as good as another, since problems are valuable only as means.
"Since Cézanne"
Clive Bell

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