What is another word for seascape?

124 synonyms found


[ sˈiːske͡ɪp], [ sˈiːske‍ɪp], [ s_ˈiː_s_k_eɪ_p]

How to use "Seascape" in context?

Sea landscapes are always breathtaking, both in the day and at night. While the ocean is always a profoundly beautiful sight, there are certain places that capture the essence of the sea on a more personal level. One of these places is Gerlache Strait in the Queen Maud Land area of Antarctica.

The strait is narrow, measuring only a few miles wide, and it separates the 650-mile-long Argentinian mainland from the 191-mile-long Antarctic Peninsula. The strait is also shallow, with depths of only 150 feet. This makes it a favorite spot for biologists studying the marine life of the region.

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