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Daub is a verb that can mean to smear or paint carelessly. This versatile word has a range of synonyms that can be used depending on the context. Among these synonyms are smear, slather, coat, cover, paint, brush, and smudge. Each of these words describes various methods of applying a substance to a surface, whether it's a thick or thin layer. Other synonyms for daub that suggest a less-than-skilled application include dabbing, blotting, and finger-painting. Some of these synonyms can also take on different meanings depending on the context, such as cover, which can also mean to conceal or protect.

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How to use "Daub" in context?

Daub is a type of plaster or mud mixture that is pounded and then spread over a surface. It is often used to cover drywall and other surfaces. Daub is also used as a filler and to create textures on walls and ceilings.

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