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Generation implies the process of creating or the production of something. Synonymously, the term can also be referred to as era, age, period or epoch. These words suggest a phased and progressive approach to continuity. Other synonyms may include phase, stage, time or cycle. They all denote a temporal span within which one can identify certain characteristics that define a particular period. For example, we can talk about the digital or technological age or era, which denotes a current phase of human development. Regardless of the synonym used, the understanding is that there are distinct, progressive and inter-related periods within the world of human creation, development and evolution.

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How to use "Generation" in context?

The word "generation" has multiple meanings in different contexts. In sociology, a generation is a group of individuals who were born within the same years. In the case of this article, a generation is a group of people who were born after the 1964 American Civil Rights Movement. The civil rights movement was a time when many social changes happened, and this includes the passage of legislation that helped improve race relations in the United States.

These days, there is a generation of people who were born after the civil rights movement. This generation has never known a time when race wasn't an important part of American society.

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