What is another word for cartoon?

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Cartoon is a term widely known for its association with humor-filled images and animations. Although the word itself is well-known globally, there are numerous synonyms, which can be used to describe cartoons more effectively. For instance, caricature refers to exaggerated representations of individuals or things, and it can be used synonymously with cartoons. Alternatively, a sketch could describe realistic-looking images, although it falls under the same category as cartoons. Other synonymous terms for cartoons include doodles, animations, and animated films. Therefore, while the use of the term cartoon is common, there are many other words that people can use to describe this art form.

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    Cartoon artwork typically employs exaggerated motions and shapes to portray the everyday world in a comic book-like manner. The United States has a long history of producing cartoons, dating back to the late 1800s. Today, cartoons are popular sources of entertainment and can be found in every medium, from television to the Internet.

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