What is another word for sequoya?

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[ sɛkwˈɔ͡ɪə], [ sɛkwˈɔ‍ɪə], [ s_ɛ_k_w_ˈɔɪ_ə]

Sequoia is a proper noun that refers to the giant trees found in California's Sierra Nevada. As a proper noun, it is not synonymous with any other word, but the word "sequoia" can be used to describe other things, such as a species of moth (sequoia sphinx moth) or a brand of paper. When it comes to trees, some synonyms might include "redwood," "giant redwood," or "Sierra redwood." These trees are known for their incredible height and girth, and they are some of the oldest living things on Earth, making them an important part of our planet's natural heritage.

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    Usage examples for Sequoya

    Nothing of any great importance was really done to help the Indians except the conferences at Mohonk, N.Y., until, in 1902, the sequoya League was organized, composed of many men and women of national prominence, with the avowed purpose "to make better Indians."
    "The Old Franciscan Missions Of California"
    George Wharton James
    The sequoya League, an association for the betterment of the Indians of the Southwest, has done much toward opening the eyes of the public and of the government officials to the unhappy condition of these first owners of the soil.
    "History of California"
    Helen Elliott Bandini

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