What is another word for seek?

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The verb "seek" is a commonly used term in the English language. It refers to the act of searching for something or someone with persistence and determination. However, there are several other synonyms that you can use instead of "seek" to add variety and clarity to your writing. For instance, you could use terms like "search," "look for," "hunt," "pursue," "quest," "explore," "probe," "investigate," "scavenge," "delve," "inquire" or "dig." Choosing the perfect synonym for "seek" can help you convey your message more effectively and make your writing more engaging and interesting.

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    The word seek, defined as trying to find or discover something, has several antonyms. These antonyms include hide, ignore, neglect, refuse, and reject. When someone hides or ignores something, they are doing the opposite of seeking it out. Neglecting or refusing something also goes against seeking, as one is not actively looking for or accepting it. Similarly, to reject something means to actively push it away, rather than seeking it out. In any case, antonyms of seek imply a lack of interest or desire to find something, rather than actively searching for it.

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