What is another word for print?

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Print can refer to a variety of activities, from printing text on paper to printing pictures on fabric. However, if you want to avoid repeated use of the word 'print' in your writing, there are many synonyms to choose from. For instance, you might use 'publish' to refer to printed materials released for public consumption, or 'impress' to describe producing a mark or design on a surface. Other options include using 'reproduce' and 'copy' to describe duplicating an image or text, or 'typeset' to refer to arranging words and phrases in a document. Whatever synonym you choose, your writing will benefit from some variation and interest in vocabulary.

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    Print is a process for producing physical copies of electronic media. In common usage, print usually refers to printed material on paper, but it can also refer to electronic media or electronic documents that are printed. The process of printing copies or pages from electronic media is called printing. The earliest form of printing was probably stencil printing, which is the earliest known method for printing text and images with movable types. It was first developed in China in the 8th century and later spread to Europe.

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