What is another word for repeal?

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Repeal is a word that means to revoke, cancel, or nullify a law, regulation, or policy. There are various synonyms for the word repeal, including abolish, annul, revoke, rescind, and void. All of these words have a common thread and refer to the removal of an existing law or regulation. To abolish a law means to put an end to it permanently, while to annul a law means to declare it invalid from the beginning. To revoke or rescind a law is to cancel it, and to void a law means to make it invalid. No matter which synonym for repeal is used, the result is always the same: the law in question is no longer in effect.

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How to use "Repeal" in context?

Repeal is a word that is often thrown around without much thought. Repealing a law can seem like a trivial task, but in reality, it can be a complex and difficult process. Laws can be enacted by the federal government, the state government, or a local government. Once a law is passed, it cannot be repealed without the consent of the President of the United States and the Congress.

repeal can take many forms, from a simple repeal of a piece of legislation to a repeal of the entire statute book. any repeal legislation must be passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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