What is another word for snarl?

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Snarl is a verb meaning to growl or to speak in an angry or harsh manner. Some synonyms for snarl include bark, growl, hiss, howl, and roar. These words all convey a sense of aggression and hostility. Other synonyms for snarl could include grimace, scowl, and curl your lip. These words all reference the physical expressions associated with snarling. In addition, some synonyms for snarl could include snap, lash out, or attack, which suggest a physical manifestation of quarrelsome behavior. Whether it is a verbal or physical action, the word snarl and its synonyms all convey a sense of intense emotion and hostility towards others.

Synonyms for Snarl:

How to use "Snarl" in context?

Snarl is a words that means to utter a string of angry or frustrated words. It can also mean the facial expression that accompanies such words. Snarl is primarily used in anger or frustration. Snarl can also be used to convey a threat or warning.

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