What is another word for snoopy?

Pronunciation: [snˈuːpi] (IPA)

The word "snoopy" is often used to describe someone who is nosy or overly curious. There are many synonyms for this term, including inquisitive, prying, intrusive, and meddlesome. Other words that can be used to describe a person who is snoopy include curious, nosy, probing, and nosing. Some people might also describe a snoopy person as being nosy Parker or a busybody. Whether you're trying to describe a friend or colleague who is always asking too many questions or a neighbor who just can't seem to mind their own business, there are plenty of different words you can use to convey the same meaning.

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What are the opposite words for snoopy?

The word "snoopy" describes someone who is curious or nosy about other people's business. Antonyms for this word could include words like discreet, respectful, and considerate. These words describe people who are thoughtful and mindful of others' privacy, and who do not pry into their affairs without permission or a good reason. Other antonyms for "snoopy" could include the terms indifferent and uninterested, which indicate a lack of concern or curiosity about other people's lives. These qualities can be important in building and sustaining healthy, respectful relationships with others, both in personal and professional contexts.

Usage examples for Snoopy

"Would you believe it, ma'am, some of them delivery boys is snoopy, I've been told.
"The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys"
Gulielma Zollinger
There are pictures of him by the million on magazine covers and book jackets, looking into the eyes of The Woman-he does it from a distance of about six inches-with that snoopy earnest expression of brainlessness that he always wears.
"Further Foolishness"
Stephen Leacock
snoopy old maids who won't let you do anything, or careless, easy-going old ladies who pay no attention to you.
"Patty's Social Season"
Carolyn Wells

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