What is another word for reclusive?

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Reclusive is a word which refers to someone who prefers to live alone and avoid social interaction. There are many other words that can be used to describe this type of behavior. Some common synonyms for reclusive include solitary, hermitic, introverted, reserved, and reticent. Solitary is similar to reclusive in that it refers to individuals who prefer to spend time alone. Hermitic suggests a more extreme form of reclusiveness, with people who withdraw from society completely. Introverted and reserved are used to describe individuals who are more private and don't seek out social situations. Reticent refers to people who are hesitant to speak freely or to engage in conversation.

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How to use "Reclusive" in context?

Reclusive is a word that describes someone who lives or spends most of their time alone. Reclusiveness can be a symptom of mental illness, or it can be the result of a choice to live alone. Some people choose to be reclusive because they enjoy their privacy and freedom, while others are reclusive because they are uncomfortable or afraid with society.

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