What is another word for prurient?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈʊ͡əɹi͡ənt] (IPA)

Prurient is a word used to describe someone who is excessively interested in sex or sexual matters. However, there are several synonyms for this word which can be used in a similar context. Some of these synonyms include lascivious, lecherous, salacious, licentious, and lustful. All of these words describe a person who is excessively interested in sex or sexual matters, often to a degree that is considered inappropriate. Other words that could be used include erotic, sensual, or titillating, although these words are not necessarily negative in connotation. Ultimately, when looking for a synonym for prurient, it is important to consider the specific context in which the word is being used in order to choose the best option.

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What are the opposite words for prurient?

Prurient is an adjective that refers to an excessive interest in or desire for sexual matters. It is an unusual and infrequently used word with a limited number of antonyms. Some potential antonyms for prurient include chaste, pure, modest, virtuous, decorous, demure, discreet, and refined. These words convey the opposite connotations of prurient, and are often used to describe individuals who have a restrained and appropriate approach to sexuality or who prioritize other values over sexual indulgence. The antonyms for prurient characterize individuals who have a respectable, moral, or well-disciplined approach to sexual matters, and avoid engaging in excessive or inappropriate behaviors or desires.

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Usage examples for Prurient

That it is not a prurient invention is proved by the pages of Tacitus and Suetonius and the records of Roman morals for more than two centuries.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill
The Christianity of the twentieth century might well hail with delight the advent of such a preacher, and would certainly forget all the accusations of prurient gossip in the accession of an immense and fascinating spiritual force.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill
There is often a prurient desire to explore the tracts of sin, as if information on such subjects meant wisdom.
Hugh Black

Famous quotes with Prurient

  • Sex and obscenity are not synonymous. Obscene material is material which deals with sex in a manner appealing to prurient interest.
    William J. Brennan, Jr.
  • Television is not vulgar because people are vulgar; it is vulgar because people are similar in their prurient interests and sharply differentiated in their civilized concerns.
    George Gilder
  • This book did not get for me any general recognition. It got for me, instead, something in every way more valuable. For it was which first made for me in the seventeenth year of my writing, a few warm friends who but a little later were to fight in my behalf very nobly, and with wholly heroic tenacity... If few writers have met with more smug, more prurient, or more disingenuous opponents, no writer whatever, I think has found more faithful allies.
    James Branch Cabell
  • Yea! as I loath, I lust; I prostitute myself to thee, perversely prurient - Wilt thou not make this night the nameless nuptial, the Devil thy Lord and mine at Our Black Mass?
    Aleister Crowley
  • Examine the man who lives in misery because he does not shine above other men; who goes about producing himself, pruriently anxious about his gifts and claims; struggling to force everybody, as it were begging everybody for God's sake, to acknowledge him a great man, and set him over the heads of men! Such a creature is among the wretchedest sights seen under this sun. A great man? A poor morbid prurient empty man; fitter for the ward of a hospital, than for a throne among men. I advise you to keep out of his way. He cannot walk on quiet paths; unless you will look at him, wonder at him, write paragraphs about him, he cannot live. It is the emptiness of the man, not his greatness. Because there is nothing in himself, he hungers and thirsts that you would find something in him. In good truth, I believe no great man, not so much as a genuine man who had health and real substance in him of whatever magnitude, was ever much tormented in this way.
    Thomas Carlyle

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