What is another word for prying?

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Prying is the act of being nosy or intrusive, and it is often regarded as an undesirable trait. There are many synonyms that can be used to describe this behavior, including being curious, inquisitive, scrutinizing, meddlesome, intrusive, snoopy, nosey, and nosy-parker. These words all convey the same underlying meaning of being overly curious or intrusive, but they vary in terms of their connotation. Some of these words have a more negative connotation than others, such as being meddlesome or snoopy, while others are more neutral, like inquisitive or curious. Regardless of the word used, prying behavior is generally frowned upon and seen as rude or inappropriate.

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How to use "Prying" in context?

Prying or Jiggling is something that many people do accidentally when trying to open a door, get a loose object off of a surface, or remove something stuck in a hole. Prying is not an effective way to get something off of a surface; it is actually more likely to damage the object or the surface. When prying, make sure to use the right tool for the job, be patient, and use an lubricant if necessary.

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